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CESAR FAX (1992 to 2015)

CESAR FAX provided a weekly, one-page overview of timely substance abuse trends or issues to more than 6,000 subscribers via email each Monday morning. Recipients included Federal and State policymakers; prevention specialists; treatment and health care providers; law enforcement officials; researchers and academicians; and media representatives.

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Date Volume/Issue Title
November 30, 2015 Volume 24, Issue 15 Smoking Most Prevalent Mode of Lifetime Marijuana Use Among Adults; 30% Report Consuming in Edibles and 10% Report Vaporizing
November 23, 2015 Volume 24, Issue 14 Buprenorphine Rarely Detected in NYC Unintentional Fatal Overdoses in 2013; Heroin Most Commonly Detected Drug
November 9, 2015 Volume 24, Issue 13 2014 NFLIS Finds Nearly Three Times More Buprenorphine Than Methadone Reports
October 26, 2015 Volume 24, Issue 12 2015 National Poll Finds More Than Four in Ten U.S. Adults Report Ever Trying Marijuana; Highest Since Question First Asked in 1969
October 12, 2015 Volume 24, Issue 11 Number of Synthetic Cannibinoid Exposure Calls to U.S. Poison Control Centers Spike in 2015; Synthetic Cathinone Calls Remain at Low Levels Since 2012
October 5, 2015 Volume 24, Issue 10 Truant Youth Who Underreport Marijuana Use Tend to Underreport Their Use of Alcohol but Not Risky Sexual Behaviors
September 28, 2015 Volume 24, Issue 9 U.S. High School Seniors Rarely Use Bath Salts; Those Who Do More Likely to Use Alcohol and Other Drugs
September 14, 2015 Volume 24, Issue 8 Study Finds E-Cigarette Use Among Non-Smoking Youth Associated with Intentions to Smoke Conventional Cigarettes
September 7, 2015 Volume 24, Issue 7 E-Cigarette and Hookah Use Increase Among U.S. High School Students, as Cigarette and Cigar Use Decrease
July 27, 2015 Volume 24, Issue 6 Past Month Alcohol Use Among U.S. 8th, 10th, and 12th Graders Continues to Decline; Approaching Levels of Marijuana Use

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