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CESAR FAX (1992 to present)

CESAR FAX provides a weekly, one-page overview of timely substance abuse trends or issues. More than 6,000 subscribers receive the CESAR FAX via email each Monday morning, including Federal and State policymakers; prevention specialists; treatment and health care providers; law enforcement officials; researchers and academicians; and media representatives.

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Date Volume/Issue Title
April 6, 1992 Volume 1, Issue 8 Majority of Female and Pediatric AIDS Cases in Maryland Involve an Injecting Drug User
March 30, 1992 Volume 1, Issue 7 Drug Tests from Pretrial Releasees in Baltimore Indicate Use of Cocaine, Opiates, and Marijuana
March 23, 1992 Volume 1, Issue 6 New Study Shows Medical Patients Unlikely to Report Recent Illicit Drug Use
March 16, 1992 Volume 1, Issue 5 National and Maryland Student Surveys Find Large Increases in Current Alcohol and Cigarette Use Between 8th and 12th Grade Students
March 9, 1992 Volume 1, Issue 4 Baltimore Leads Country with Largest Increases in Heroin and Cocaine Related Hospital Emergency Room Mentions
March 2, 1992 Volume 1, Issue 3 Alcohol and Drugs Factor in Maryland Vehicular Crashes
February 24, 1992 Volume 1, Issue 2 Use of Alcohol and Cigarettes Surpasses the Use of Other Drugs by Maryland Public School Students
February 17, 1992 Volume 1, Issue 1 Drug Problem Continues in Female Arrestees in Prince George's County

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