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DEWS Fax (1998 to 2006)

DEWS Fax was a bi-monthly, one-page publication highlighting emerging substance abuse trends and issues in Maryland, including findings from Maryland's Drug Early Warning System (DEWS) projects. The DEWS project, including the DEWS Fax publication, ended in July 2006.

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Date Volume/Issue Title
October 2004 Volume 6, Issue 5 2004 Juvenile OPUS Report Now Available: Nearly One-Third of Detained Youths Test Positive for at Least One Drug
August 2004 Volume 6, Issue 4 More than Half of Substances Involved in Maryland Poisonings Are Drugs; Analgesics Are Most Commonly Reported Drug
June 2004 Volume 6, Issue 3 DEWS Investigates Study Finds Maryland OxyContin Abusers Tend to Be Polydrug Users
April 2004 Volume 6, Issue 2 PCP-Related Treatment Admissions Increase Among Residents of Prince George's County and Surrounding Areas
February 2004 Volume 6, Issue 1 Maryland Treatment Admissions for Heroin Use Have Doubled From 1993 to 2002; One-Half of Users Now Inhale the Drug
December 2003 Volume 5, Issue 9 Submit Nominations for the DEWS Catalog of Innovative Local Substance Abuse Programs
October 2003 Volume 5, Issue 8 Marijuana Use Among Maryland High School Seniors Continues to Decline; Results Reflect National Trends
August 2003 Volume 5, Issue 7 Ecstasy-Using UMCP Students Report Polydrug Use; Frequent Ecstasy Users More Likely to Report Illicit and Prescription Drug Use
June 2003 Volume 5, Issue 6 Montgomery County DEWS County Snapshot Released: More Youths Entering Treatment Likely to Report Marijuana Than Alcohol As a Substance of Abuse
May 2003 Volume 5, Issue 5 Calvert County DEWS County Snapshot Released: Alcohol and Marijuana Persistent Problems in County May

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