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DEWS Fax (1998 to 2006)

DEWS Fax was a bi-monthly, one-page publication highlighting emerging substance abuse trends and issues in Maryland, including findings from Maryland's Drug Early Warning System (DEWS) projects. The DEWS project, including the DEWS Fax publication, ended in July 2006.

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Date Volume/Issue Title
June 2001 Volume 3, Issue 5 Howard County OPUS Intake Report Now Available: Reports of Ecstasy and Marijuana Use At School
April 2001 Volume 3, Issue 4 Prince George's County OPUS Report Now Available: Forty Percent of Youth Offenders Test Positive for Marijuana
March 2001 Volume 3, Issue 3 Cecil County OPUS Report Now Available: Continued Popularity of Marijuana Use; Increasing Use of Ecstasy
Feburary 2001 Volume 3, Issue 2 Maryland's Ecstasy Action Plan
January 2001 Volume 3, Issue 1 Heroin Mentions Increase Among Maryland Treatment Clients, Now Rival Marijuana Mentions
December 2000 Volume 2, Issue 11 One-Half of Juvenile Detainees Residing in Baltimore City and Surrounding Counties Test Positive for Illicit Drugs (Mainly Marijuana); Southern and Western Maryland Have Lowest Positive Rates
November 2000 Volume 2, Issue 10 Marijuana Is the Primary Drug Detected Among Youth Offenders in Maryland
October 2000 Volume 2, Issue 9 Maryland Ranks Below National Average for Binge Drinking, Cigarette Smoking, and Illicit Drug Use
September 2000 Volume 2, Issue 8 Police Ecstasy Seizures Increase Dramatically In Four Maryland Counties
August 2000 Volume 2, Issue 7 Injection Drug Use Is the Primary Cause of Maryland AIDS Cases

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