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DEWS Fax (1998 to 2006)

DEWS Fax was a bi-monthly, one-page publication highlighting emerging substance abuse trends and issues in Maryland, including findings from Maryland's Drug Early Warning System (DEWS) projects. The DEWS project, including the DEWS Fax publication, ended in July 2006.

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Date Volume/Issue Title
July 2000 Volume 2, Issue 6 Highest Rate of Treatment Admissions Found in Baltimore City Center
May 2000 Volume 2, Issue 5 OPUS Intake Results Indicate that Marijuana is the Drug Most Likely to be Detected Among Youth Offenders in Baltimore City, and Carroll and Baltimore Counties
April 2000 Volume 2, Sp. Edition DEWS ALERT: Oxycodone (Percodan, Percocet)
April 2000 Volume 2, Issue 4 Heroin and Ecstasy Reported As Emerging Drugs by Drug Scan Reporters in About Half of Maryland's Counties
March 2000 Volume 2, Issue 3 Reports Indicate that GHB/GBL Use Is Spreading Throughout Central Maryland
Feburary 2000 Volume 2, Issue 2 Maryland Trauma Center Admissions Data Reveal Changes in Cocaine and Opiate Test Results
January 2000 Volume 2, Issue 1 Baltimore City Heroin Related Treatment Admissions Hold Steady in FY 1998; Increases Found in Most Neighboring Counties
November 1999 Volume 1, Issue 10 Hallucinogens and Ecstasy Reported as Emerging Drugs by Carroll County Youth Processed by the Juvenile Justice System
October 1999 Volume 1, Issue 9 Cocaine Accounts for Nearly One-Half of all Drug Seizures in Baltimore City
September 1999 Volume 1, Sp. Edition DEWS ALERT: Carrol County Organization Releases Drug Prevention Education Video, Heroin Kills

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