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NEDTAC: Residential Treatment in a Therapeutic Community May Reduce Future Incarceration: A Research Note
Messina, Wish, Nemes

NEDTAC: Following-Up Drug Abuse Treatment Cohorts: How Necessary is a High Response Rate?
Nemes, Wish, Wraight, Messina

Validation of the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI) with Female Juvenile Detainees
Levine, Wish, Lorion

Comparing the Impact of Standard and Abbreviated Treatment in a Therapeutic Community: Findings from the District of Columbia Treatment Initiative Experiment
Nemes, Wish, Messina
J Subst Abuse Treat. 17(4):339-47, 1999
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Maryland Drug Scan: Current Trends in Drug Use: Fall 1998 Executive Summary
Wraight, Artigiani, Wish, Herman, Schwartzmann, Pfeifer, Olson
DEWS: Juvenile Offender Population Urinalysis Screening Program (OPUS): Intake Study
Mothers in Drug Treatment with their Children: Evaluation of Second Genesis Mellwood
Nemes, Herman, Wish, Schwartzmann, Petronis, Piateski

CESAR FAX Annual Volume: Volume 7 (1998)
Estimating the Need for Substance Abuse Treatment in Maryland
Reuter, Hsu, Petronis, Wish
Substance Abuse and Need for Treatment among Arrestees (SANTA) in Maryland: Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
Gray, Wish

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